On the day of your treatment

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water
  • Don’t cross arms or legs
  • Take a little walk every 30 mins
  • Avoid extremes of hot/cold i.e. no saunas, spas or ice packs.
  • No ‘contact’ sport today
  • No magnets for the next couple of days
  • Start your given exercise tomorrow

Effects on treatment day & following days

  • Your body may feel tired
  • You may feel you need  to go to bed earlier than usual
  • Your conditions should ease the next couple of days
  • You should feel better within yourself
  • Your pain may become more specific in location


During the week and to get the most value from your treatment & makes your money well spent:-

No chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physio, hot tubs, hot or cold packs, extremes of hot/cold showers or dental drilling to allow integration of Bowen into your body.Homeopathic medicines and flower essences are fine.


Recommended follow-up treatment/Maintenance

The 2nd treatment is just as, if not more important in setting the work.  Once the condition is resolved, you may schedule treatments as maintenance or as needed. The benefits for you are-

  • Feeling healthier and able to move more freely
  • Less chance of old conditions recurring
  • Helps you to feel more relaxed
  • Better able to cope with stress