What is Bowen Therapy?

It is a hands one treatment that uses gentle rolling movements to stimulate the body to release and heal pain, tension and stress.

Where did it come from?

Mr Thomas Bowen lived and worked in Geelong Australia and developed the Technique through his lifetime.  He claims to have received it as a “Gift from God”.  He trained Oswald Rentsch who has faithfully maintained the original Technique and taught this amazing therapy to the world.

What can I expect during a treatment?

Procedures are made up of ‘sets of moves’ that are performed at specific points of the body.  Between the sets there are frequent pauses (waits) of approximately two minutes.

Why the waiting times?

Each set of moves asks/stimulates the body to change.  The waiting times allow receipt, response and integration of the message that is sent.  This turns on the individual’s ‘innate’ healing response.

How many treatments?

It is recommended to allow 2 to 3 sessions at intervals of 1 week to treat most conditions, however this can vary according to the length of time, condition or injury that is presented.  Treatments to maintain health, balance and wellbeing could then follow as the client feels appropriate.

Who is it suitable for?

Everybody is better with Bowen Therapy, all ages and conditions are benefited with this therapy. It is useful for sports and trades people to overcome injuries of a repetitive nature and aids in the longevity of participation in their field.  It is also an amazing relaxation technique.


Bowen By Nature guarantees that if you’re not satisfied with your initial treatment, your second treatment is on us.