title_my_journeyFrom Beginning to Beginning By Linda Woodward
My journey began after many years of illness that had confounded the medical practitioners, and finally I had a resolution after being diagnosed with Coeliac disease and beginning my gluten free life. At last I could begin to live.

Then devastation.  I injured my back (a gentle sneeze).  I had herniated 2 discs L4/5, L5/S1 and bulged L3/4.  Pain!!! I could not feel my legs. The movement in my back was frozen.  Simple things like sitting, walking and toileting were agony at best and degrading, as I needed assistance with everything.  Driving was impossible.  What about work?  I was the breadwinner at the time.  Why me?  I bemoaned.  It isn’t fair. The medical prognosis for the damage I had done was that I required spinal surgery where they would fuse the vertebrae.  It would take approx 6 weeks until I could have this done.  At age 42 this was a drastic step to take.  Luckily for me, my medical practitioner suggested trying “Bowen Therapy” to ease my pain, until I could have the surgery. I was more than a little hesitant at this point, as I didn’t believe in those ‘alternative’ therapies, but I had nothing to lose but my pain.

I enquired amongst family, friends and no one hade heard of it.  I asked work colleagues about Bowen until finally I found someone who had had it.  They recommended a practitioner who was about 40 minutes from my home, but I was prepared to travel, as I needed someone who knew her stuff, as my doctor had warned me of the dire consequences I could suffer if I had manipulative work. My husband drove to the appointment with me curled on a mattress in the foetal position.  The therapist Wendy Murphy explained about the technique and waiting times, then proceeded with a treatment. It was very different: – a couple of moves here and a couple of moves there, gentle and no overstimulation.  I was a complete sceptic.

My words as I crawled back into the car were “ I don’t know what they think that is going to do.” But I had committed to three treatments, and true to my word I dutifully arrived the following 2 weeks (still on the mattress) with small changes between treatments but nothing to get excited about. Then it happened. On the third day after the third treatment there was a change, to begin with my whole back felt like it was going into a big spasm, then an audible “snap”, the pain melted away to level I could live with.  I could move again, and feel my legs, walk again and even sit down.  It was miraculous.

In trying to understand this amazing technique, I read, researched, and spoke to as many people as I could, but it still didn’t let me know what I was searching for.  One day I saw an advertisement for a class in Bowtech therapy, and decided this might give me the level of understanding I had searched for. From the first time I did my first move, I was hooked.  I had discovered why I had hands and the purpose for my life became very clear.  My Bowen work became my passion, which continues until this day, and I can see that it will have no end in this lifetime.I consider myself fortunate to have been given my life lesson, so that I may grow to become all that I was meant to be.  I have healed in more ways than I could imagine.

“Beginning to Beginning”, why I have chosen this as a title?  I have recently been accepted into the Bowtech family as an Instructor.  I can think of no greater honour that could be bestowed upon me, and my sense of purpose is to continue to bring this wondrous therapy to the world.  This is new beginning for me, and affords me the opportunity to offer new beginnings to others that their life’s purpose may unfold.

P.S.  Still no surgery, and I live pain free.

Thanks Ossie and Elaine for your love and dedication and hard work in continuing Mr Bowen’s work, and bringing it into the world that we may all be the better for it.