Use:             To draw fluid off a joint

Crush Washing Soda crystals to coarse salt size  (powder form does not work)

Place  2 tablespoons in the centre of a T-towel make a pad of the soda- about 1 – 2 cm.

Fold the edges of the T-towel over the pad of soda, having only 1 layer of cloth between the soda and the skin.

(a cotton sock/men’s hanky secured with a rubber band is an easy alternative)

Secure pack with masking tape, then place a towel over the pack.

Keep on overnight or a minimum of three hours.

1st week:      use every second day

2nd & 3rd week:       use only twice a week

4th week:       Do no use.  Allow body to rest

Use:             Calcification of Fluid in Elbows

Washing Soda pack (as above) 3 times a week.

Apply Bowen Ease (available from Bowen By Nature) after soaking.

Use:            Knees

Fluid – place pack below the kneecap … do not use more that 3 packs a week.

Arthritis – suggested use, once weekly, but not to be used on a continual basis for problem knees.

Use:          Haematomas – soda pack found to be very useful.

(Contra-indications: sensitive skin can blister, in which case, apply Vaseline to the blisters before the next application)